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Are you a parent of an exceptional child who’s faced with dyslexia or other reading challenges?

We understand the unique journey you and your child are on, and we’re here to be your guiding light toward unlocking their reading power!

At The Reading Switch, we’ve introduced a revolutionary and intuitive Dual Code Reading System that’s custom-tailored to cater to the  learning needs and processing styles of your young learners.

Imagine seeing the sheer excitement in your child’s eyes when they grasp the keys to unlock their reading potential.

Our name says it all – The Reading Switch – because it flips the switch from ‘I can’t read’ to ‘I can!’

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Linking Letters and Sounds

Our Dual Code Reading System simplifies the crucial task of forging meaningful connections between letters and sounds, ensuring a smoother learning journey.

Decoding Skills

The Reading Switch takes the ambiguity out of learning the rules of phonics, making them visible through the Dual Code Reading System in a way that aligns perfectly with your child's thinking and processing style.

Working Memory

Our Dual Code Reading System not only enhances decoding accuracy and confidence but also lightens the load on working memory, harnessing the unique strengths of dyslexic learners.

Building confidence

Empowered learners are the most eager readers. The Reading Switch equips young minds with the tools needed to transform 'I can't read' into 'I can!'

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Unlocking Reading Success!

Learning to read is a fundamental milestone in every child’s life, and for those with dyslexia, it can present unique challenges. While there may be no shortcuts, we’ve discovered highly effective ways to make this journey smoother and more efficient.


At The Reading Switch, we are dedicated to providing the essential learning tools and a systematic framework to bridge the learning gap for children with dyslexia. We understand that literacy is not just about reading; it’s about empowering every child to become a proficient reader.

Learning to Read with Dyslexia

Dyslexia often introduces obstacles in processing and retaining phonological information, which significantly impacts a child’s literacy skills. These challenges often stem from structural differences in the left hemisphere of the brain’s ‘language network.’

At the core of successful reading lies a deep understanding of the relationship between written letters and their corresponding sounds. Think of these relationships as the rules that activate the letters within words.

Overcoming Barriers

Dyslexic learners can face insurmountable barriers when these crucial rules prove challenging to retain long enough for effective processing and storage in long-term memory. This often leaves learners with a jumble of unactivated letters or, at best, confusion and uncertainty about the sounds the letters represent.

Our Visionary Solution

Enter ‘The Reading Switch’, your solution to eliminating the confusion for your child. We’ve made phonics rules visible to learners in a way that seamlessly aligns with their thinking and processing style.

Our revolutionary Dual Code Reading System simplifies the journey, helping learners forge meaningful connections between letters and sounds.

Bridging the Learning Gap We provide not only the necessary learning tools but also a systematic framework meticulously designed to bridge the learning gap for children facing reading difficulties.

Accelerating the Learning Process While there’s no magic shortcut to learning to read, there are indeed methods to make the process more effective and efficient, speeding up your child’s reading journey.

Understanding Dyslexia We wholeheartedly comprehend the challenges your child encounters in processing and retaining phonological information, which can significantly impact their literacy development. Our program is tailor-made to address these specific needs.

Brain-Friendly Learning
Traditional reading instruction can be a tough fit for children with dyslexia-related structural differences in their brain’s ‘language network.’ The Reading Switch offers an approach that aligns with their unique learning style.

Unlocking the Rules
Mastering the intricate relationship between letters and sounds is the cornerstone of reading success. The Reading Switch brings these rules to life through the Dual Code Reading System, ensuring successful reading outcomes.

Removing Confusion
By making phonics rules crystal clear and perfectly compatible with your child’s unique learning style, The Reading Switch eliminates the confusion often associated with learning to read.

Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the secrets of teaching a dyslexic child how to read and thrive in their reading journey. Together, we bridge the literacy gap, empowering every child to unlock their full reading potentials

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Register Now For Your Free 14 Day Trial

then only $29.99 per month. Opt out at any time.