Moving From Uncertainty to Empowerment

I believe that parents play an important role in their child’s learning journey.


But it’s not only the child who is learning. As parents, we also move through various stages of learning ourselves so we can provide the best support for our children and our families.


We’re not expected to immediately know how to handle every situation or challenge that comes our way in life.


Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do especially if we feel like we don’t have enough knowledge or experience to guide us.


From personal experience I have to say, there’s only one person who can change that.


If you’re feeling disenchanted with your child’s reading progress, the opportunity for change may lie just up ahead.


Although every journey is different, each parent will eventually come to that inevitable fork in the road.  


One way leads to empowerment and the other continues on toward uncertainty.

Ultimately, the direction you go in will be determined by the next steps you take and each step after that.

If you’ve been living with uncertainty, unsure how to move forward with the difficulties you’ve been facing with your child’s reading progress maybe it’s time to ask yourself the question “Have I done enough?”

Every child needs that caring adult in their life who will be there for them through thick and thin, stand in their corner no matter what and say ‘I’ve got you.’

No one will ever fight harder for your child’s future than you will. It’s the small steps taken each day that will eventually lead to the greatest progress. You have what it takes to move from uncertainty to empowerment, all it takes is the decision to try.

I invite you to join us on the path of empowerment at The Reading Switch.

Not only can we support your learning journey as a parent, we can also provide you with the tools to support your child’s reading progress.

I encourage you to dig a bit deeper. Become a seeker of knowledge. Challenge old ways of thinking.

Learn more.

Read more.

Get curious.

Ask more questions.

If you happen to read an article and finish it with more questions than you began with, explore the topic further.

Dare to question – just because something is said doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

Go to the source and make informed decisions for yourself.

Being an empowered parent puts you in the driver’s seat.

It helps you choose what’s right for you, your child, and your family. It gives you a more rounded perspective and the confidence and understanding to advocate for your child and make more informed decisions.

It begins with the courage to think differently.

It begins with you.

Which road will you take?

More information about The Reading Switch and Dual Code Reading can be found on our website.

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