The Power of Dual Code Reading

Reading is a fundamental skill that opens doors to the world of knowledge and imagination. But for some children, especially those with conditions like dyslexia, learning to read can be a challenging journey.

That’s where The Reading Switch’s innovative dual-code reading system steps in to transform the reading experience for young learners.

When kids read using The Reading Switch, they’ll notice little symbols above or below letters. These symbols are like clues that show them how those letters sound. 

What’s even more exciting is that these clues remain consistent throughout the program. So, it’s like having a trusty guide on their reading adventure, always there to help them understand and remember how words work.

example of the word 'ape' that has visual cues applied which is part of The Reading Switch Dual Code Reading Program.
The Brain’s Dual Coding
To understand why dual-code reading is so effective, we need to peek into the brain. Our brains have separate teams for processing verbal and non-verbal information.

Think of them as the “words” and “pictures” teams. These teams work individually but also side by side.

When we use dual code reading, we’re like detectives, pairing information in two different formats – words (verbal) and images (non verbal).

By doing this, we give our brains more to work with when we need to remember information. For kids with dyslexia, this approach helps bridge any memory gaps and make learning to read smoother.
Visual Images and Learning
The idea that visual images aid learning is at the heart of the Dual Code Learning theory. It’s especially important for children with dyslexia as they embark on their reading journey.

Dual Code Reading adds the visual component that’s often missing in traditional reading methods, making it an invaluable tool for dyslexic learners and anyone finding reading a bit tricky.

In essence, The Reading Switch and its dual-code reading system are the missing link for children with dyslexia and those who simply need extra support to grasp the art of reading.

With this powerful approach, learning to read becomes an exciting adventure that unlocks the world of books and knowledge for children of all abilities.

The Reading Switch is a Dual Code Reading Program for Children with reading difficulties often associated with Dyslexia. See our website for more details and register for your free trial today!
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