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When children experience difficulties in learning to read, parents are often at a loss to understand why. They are left unsure how to help their child and the feeling of uncertainty is never far from their minds.

Why can’t my child read? Why is it so difficult? What can I do to help? Often many of these questions are left unanswered.

I was one of those parents. I can remember it well. I just wanted someone who’d been there and done that to come along and take my hand and say “Come on Brylee, you’ve got this! Everything will be ok. I know the path, I’ll guide you through.”

And there were a handful of people I found guidance in, who in times of uncertainty lit the path ahead and shared their wisdom.

And now, a few years into my journey, I can safely say, everything turned out ok. I once stood in the same spot you are now in and I know the path. 

As the founder of The Reading Switch, I feel it’s my turn to help guide other parents by sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

So now it’s my turn to say “You’ve got this! Everything will be ok. I’m here to walk beside you and guide you through.

When I was planning to write this blog, a friend brought to my attention that there may be some parents out there who’s children have difficulty reading but not necessarily have a formal diagnosis of learning difficulties or dyslexia.

If you happen to be one of those parents, let me reassure you that you’re in the right place.

Follow my blog in our parent portal, as I share valuable insights and tips from my journey as a mum of two dyslexic children. We will talk about reading difficulties, dyslexia, school, behaviour, parenting and at times, my favourite topic – the brain!

But don’t worry, I won’t throw you in the deep end with an overload of technical jargon or unnecessary information. Making complex things seem simple is in my DNA.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. If you know anyone who may benefit from reading this blog, please feel free to share it with them.

  The Reading Switch Program is an online, Learn to Read Program for Children with reading difficulties.  More information about The Reading Switch can be found on our website 
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