Our Founder

The Reading Switch was founded by Brylee Langley in 2018. It was her lived experience with her own children that lead her to create an effective and lasting solution to help children who fit the dyslexic learning profile to succeed in developing their reading skills.

The Reading Switch Program was the result of her own research, observations and sheer determination to ensure her children, and other children just like them would no longer endure the frustration and hardship that comes from reading difficulties.

The Program was built from the ground up using a solution oriented approach that puts the needs of the learner at the heart of every level of the system. The Reading Switch team have continued to develop the program in consultation with a team of primary school teachers to ensure a product of the highest quality is delivered.

Over the past 3 years, trials have been conducted with low literacy students which has helped shape the program’s content and best practice for program delivery as well as measuring learning outcomes.

The Reading Switch provides a simple, yet effective learn to read solution for children with reading difficulties such as dyslexia that is easy to implement within the regular education framework.

We understand that by improving reading skills at a foundational level, literacy levels will also significantly improve, creating more enriched learning outcomes, and the potential for further education and academic achievement beyond primary and secondary school years.

When Brylee took pen to paper and drew some very simple lines, dots and squiggles on a scrap piece of paper and overlaid them on text she knew she had created something really important. These were no ordinary marks on a page – embedded in those marks were very meaningful visual information and a form of communication that held the key to unlocking the potential of the dyslexic learner. The idea was further developed into a specially designed learning framework that covered the core building blocks of learning to read and presented in a way that best suits the dyslexic thinking and processing style.

Brylee went on to trial the reading system with her own children.

The results were extraordinary – within a week her children were able to read 100 words. Within 6 months,  the expected reading standard for their respective year levels were reached.  All it took was a four minute word decoding session, carried out twice a day – once in the morning, and once in the afternoon to achieve these results.

School trials have now been running for over three years with outstanding results for all students involved.

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