Level 3

Level 3

Your child has the opportunity to show off their growing reading skills in this level as they tackle longer, more complex words with a base of short and long vowels.

Level 3 is made up of 17 lessons consolidating your child’s prior knowledge from Levels 1 and 2 as well as adding words with double syllables.

By this level the learner has begun to move away from sounding out each individual letter to learning how to break words into smaller chunks to more efficiently decode words. This process will have started in level 2 as they began to recognise familiar and recurring letter sound patterns. Visual codes help the learner discover these letter sound patterns.

The final lessons in this level introduce two new visual codes. With a solid base in decoding words with short and long vowels, the focus turns to words that end in the letter ‘y’ and as an extra challenge we also include a lesson on adding the suffix ‘tion’ at the end of words.

The Reading Exercises in level 3 move away from a short story format transitioning toward a chapter book style reader. The Level 3 Reader provides a coded and uncoded version and has been broken into short chapters that appear within each lesson. The size of the font and spacing between lines has been taken into consideration for ease of reading.

This is the final level that the short and long vowels will be covered.

One Vowel Sound per Section

Each lesson focuses on a single vowel sound only. Repetition of a single vowel sound carried throughout a session, helps the student consolidate the learning and reduces the load on the working memory.

Extra Processing Time

Short bursts of repeated sound patterns within a lesson, practised over consecutive days, make it easier for the learner to grasp information, and ultimately, process it to their long-term memory.

New Visual Codes introduced at a gradual pace

The visual code becomes the identifying mark that allows the learner to ‘activate’ the letters with ease and confidence. Transforming the very abstract nature of learning to read into a more trusted and concrete experience for the learner.

Familiar style and layout

Each lesson offers a similar pattern of learning and providing a familiar style and layout.

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