The Reading Switch

About Us

The Reading Switch is a social impact enterprise that is focused on making a difference to the lives of young Australians, their families and their communities by improving educational outcomes in the fundamental area of reading.

We understand that by improving reading skills at a foundational level, literacy levels will also significantly improve, creating more enriched learning outcomes, and the potential for further education and academic achievement beyond primary and secondary school years.

Our Founder
Brylee Langley, the visionary behind The Reading Switch, established our organisation in 2018. Inspired by her own children’s struggles with dyslexia, Brylee embarked on a mission to create a lasting solution. Her unwavering commitment gave rise to The Reading Switch Program, an innovative initiative born from extensive research and determination.

A Solution-Centric Approach
Our program was meticulously designed from scratch, focusing on learners’ needs. Collaborating closely with dedicated primary school teachers, we’ve ensured a top-quality product. School trials with students facing low literacy levels have been conducted over a series of years, shaping our program content and delivery best practices, consistently achieving remarkable learning outcomes.

Empowering Dyslexic Learners
The Reading Switch offers a straightforward yet highly effective learning solution for children with reading difficulties, including dyslexia. Our approach seamlessly integrates into the regular education framework, ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

Revolutionizing Dyslexic Learning
The journey began when Brylee sketched markings on paper, unveiling a unique form of communication that unlocked dyslexic learners’ potential. This concept evolved into a dual code reading framework, tailored to dyslexic thinking and processing styles.

Extraordinary Results
Brylee’s innovative dual code reading system led her children from non-readers to reading 100 words within a week. In just six months, they achieved expected reading standards. These remarkable outcomes led to school trials that have continued to consistently delivering outstanding results.

Comprehensive Learning
Brylee extended her commitment to empower dyslexic learners by creating level-appropriate reading exercises, allowing learners to confidently read sentences and stories. She also developed tutorials, replicating her teaching methods to make the learning journey accessible and effective for all.

Join Our Mission
At The Reading Switch, we honor Brylee’s pioneering spirit. Our mission is to empower dyslexic learners, bridging the gap between reading difficulties and triumphs. Join us on this incredible journey to unlock the potential of literacy, one word at a time.

"Improving literacy is a cause that's very close to my heart. As a parent I have experienced first hand, the devastating impact reading difficulties can have on a child and their family and the very real prospect of what the future may hold for that child. This is my answer to the reading difficulties often associated with dyslexia. No child should ever be left behind."

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