Level 5

Level 5

Congratulations! Your child has reached the final level of The Reading Switch. In this level, the remaining less common vowel sounds and their letter patterns are covered along with other variations in consonants and vowel sounds.

Level 5 consists of 19 new lessons to take your child’s reading skills to the next level as they continue on their path toward reading fluency.

The remaining less common vowel sounds within this level include:
/ air / as in the word fair,
/ ear / as in the word near,
/ er / as in the word her.
‘r’ controlled ‘a’,

We shine a spotlight on words with silent letters, focus on the different sounds of the letter ‘y’ and revise the challenging letter patterns ex and qu.

The Reader for Level 5 appears without visual codes and challenges the learner to build their reading endurance.

One Vowel Sound per Section

Each lesson focuses on a single vowel sound only. Repetition of a single vowel sound carried throughout a session, helps the student consolidate the learning and reduces the load on the working memory.

Extra Processing Time

Short bursts of repeated sound patterns within a lesson, practised over consecutive days, make it easier for the learner to grasp information, and ultimately, process it to their long-term memory.

New Visual Codes introduced at a gradual pace

The visual code becomes the identifying mark that allows the learner to ‘activate’ the letters with ease and confidence. Transforming the very abstract nature of learning to read into a more trusted and concrete experience for the learner.

Familiar style and layout

Each lesson offers a similar pattern of learning and providing a familiar style and layout.

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