Dyslexia and the Four Words that Changed Everything

The brain can Change!

Never could four words bring so much hope and inspiration to the mother of a dyslexic child.

It may seem like a strange thing to say, however those four words opened the door to new possibilities.

These four words represented so much more than a concept in brain science. They represented hope, possibility, and the power to change my son’s future.

Until that point, my son’s ability to learn to read was considered beyond the realms of what was possible. It could not be changed.

I was told to take my child home and love him – that he will be dependent on me throughout his life and will most likely never learn to read or write.

I can remember gathering up my documents, putting my arm around my child and walking out of the specialist’s office. We had already seen so many and unfortunately no one had the answers.

But I was not done.  There had to be more to it than that.

And there was…

How can my child learn?

Learning about plasticity of the brain was one of the most important turning points on our journey. Knowing that the brain can change and continue changing throughout one’s lifetime opened the door to new possibilities.

Suddenly the question turned from ‘why can’t my child read’ to ‘how can my child learn’. The possibility that using different pathways in the brain could lead to the same learning outcomes was very exciting indeed

Guided by this question the steps to teaching my child began to fall into place. For learning to take place, a new method was needed to suit the dyslexic processing style..

To solve the problem required a new and different way of thinking. What was needed was a system that allowed my child to use their strengths and could effectively support their weaknesses.

When all these element’s work in harmony, the learning flows and progress happens. For the learning to occur and the knowledge to grow, the brain must be able to process the information. This can only happen when the child goes through the full process of learning to read.

The Reading Switch Program is an online Learn to Read Program for Children with Reading Difficulties such as dyslexia.  More information about The Reading Switch can be found on our website

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